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Emergency Double Glazing Repairs in Liverpool

Glazing Repairs

Glazing Repairs in Liverpool

Emergency Double Glazing Repairs in Liverpool

Your glass is probably the weakest protection your house has from the elements or even thieves. They may keep your house looking bright but a failed window can be a cause for havoc inside.

Glass can be broken by a number of different things. You could have had your windows smashed by yobs or burglars. The weather may even do the damage for you, or even the kids when they’re off school. However, once the window is broken, it needs replacing. That’s where Fort Locksmiths come in. We can come out to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and help with all your glazing problems. Call us now onĀ 0151 321 4166.

If your window isn’t smashed but instead it’s just misted up, then you should read on. We have that covered too!

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Fix Your Misted Double Glazing

So you’ve woken up one morning and found that your windows have mysteriously misted up. You’ve wondered what’s wrong and you’ve gone to Google to figure things out. By chance, you’ve landed on Fort Locksmiths, who can help you.

First, let’s tell you why it’s misted. Your double glazing is 2 pieces of glass that are sealed together to provide that protection that keeps you warm in the Liverpool winters. This seal degrades over time or is often not fitted correctly when it was made. This broken seal allows the moisture to penetrate the panes of glass and steam up inside. You then lose your seal to the elements as well as the clean look of your window.

Luckily, you only need to replace the broken pane and not the whole window fittings. Call us now for a free quotation on window replacement.

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Misted Double Glazing Repair

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